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Welcome to the wiki for Requiem of Ages, a virtual post-by-post roleplaying game found at !

This wiki is here to reflect all aspects of our game world, known to the players as 'Pax'. As we expand, so will the information provided!

We encourage you to join us and explore the site! In time, everything from individual character profiles, history, elements, summon, playable areas, and the like will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Members, feel free to add or edit your own pages as long as it doesn't grief upon the work done by others or skew the site rules.

Enjoy perusing, and join us back in game soon!

- Seya

RoA Wiki News:[]

The WIki has reached 100 pages! Thanks to all who helped put up and edit pages.

Blizzarin 15:30, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

Currently being updated, more pages to come as we strive to deliver a barrage of information (and pictures)!

In the mean time, roleplayers with characters are welcome to add their own character pages, but do make sure it is properly formatted like several of the recently updated character profiles.

Read our Recent Events to keep up with major news on our site!

Pages That Need Updating[]




Pages That Need to Be Added[]


Ridgeline Lake



As always, Pictures are always welcome!

--Blizzarin 18:26, March 8, 2012 (UTC)